How to Make Perfect Stovetop and Instant Pot Split Pea Soup

Split pea soup might be one of the maximum conventional classics in relation to soup recipes. It’s notoriously easy to make, ridiculously comforting, and I don’t realize about you, however for me at least, it’s also splendidly nostalgic. And whilst I’m no longer liberating a conventional Saint Patrick’s Day dish, I notion a savory, comforting, nostalgic green soup would possibly match in perfectly for the holiday!

For you history nerds obtainable, cut up pea soup has been eaten “considering antiquity” and is noted in texts as far lower back as 400 BC. It’s a classic dish in countries spanning from many European international locations to Australia, Indonesia and america and has been reiterated no longer simply within the classic, fresh or leftovers variety, but each immediately and plastic tube options (I seemed this up on Wikipedia and there are image examples if you’re curious!).

If the antiquity, nearby unfold, and Saint Patrick’s Day spirit isn’t enough to require a split pea soup on this blog, it was additionally one in all my dad’s favorites so we ate it pretty frequently once I become growing up. It became obviously no longer plant-based totally though, and had a base of ham (as cut up pea soup historically does); my dad could continually make it whenever we had a ham bone left over from every other meal. Luckily, one of the wonderful matters approximately break up pea soup, even though, is that with just a few little changes it’s truly just as scrumptious with all plant-primarily based substances!

How to Make Perfect Stovetop

and Instant Pot Split Pea Soup

One of the simplest actual downsides of break-up pea soup is that it normally takes a long term to make. While it’s quite arms-off, you do have to plot beforehand as it’s high-quality whilst it chefs for approximately hours, or longer. So I desired to solve this dilemma and offer up an Instant Pot/strain cooker alternative that’s quicker to make and springs out simply as proper (with even better texture if you inquire from me), making this recipe a simply clean one to construct into your normal recipe habitual.

One a personal notice, I LOVE when recipes I want to create come out tremendous on the primary try. This one, with just how easy and attractive the bottom components are, got here out exquisite the first time round and were given the immediately Dan Seal of Approval; on our next purchasing ride he, on his personal, stocked up on split peas so we could make it on repeat the next week!

Now I know I say that every one of my recipes are smooth (which, I do honestly make a point of earlier than I launch them), however this one is surely, absolutely clean. The most effective step, whether or not you’re making it stovetop or for your Instant Pot, it to split your greens and throw all of them into the pot to prepare dinner collectively without delay.

So with regards to flavor, this recipe is:

  • Flavorful
  • Creamy
  • Rich
  • Filling
  • Warm & Comforting
  • Perfect to the bloodless-weather season!

I hadn’t had a break-up pea soup in a completely long term, and due to the fact that coming up with the recipe, it’s turn out to be one of the recipes we cycle into our meal planning frequently because of just how easy and delicious it is.


  • huge pot (6+ quarts)
  • Instant Pot or strain cooker


  • 2 medium carrots sliced
  • 2 stalks celery sliced
  • 1 big yellow or white onion diced
  • 4 cloves garlic minced
  • 2 cups dried break up peas
  • 1 huge bay leaf
  • half of tsp dried basil
  • 1/2 tsp dried thyme
  • 1/4 tsp ground cumin
  • 1 tsp turmeric non-obligatory; would not truly add any flavor but will upload some color and it’s wonderful for you!
  • 6-eight cups water (see instructions) sub vegetable broth for greater taste [note#1]
  • salt & pepper to flavor
  • clean or dried parsley elective, for garnish


1.Place all ingredients and 6 cups of water in a big pot. Bring to a boil over excessive warmth, then lessen to a simmer, cowl and cook for an hour and a half to 2 hours, until the break up peas are smooth, stirring on occasion. Add extra water (up to 8 cups general) toward the end for desired consistency.
2.Remove from the heat and serve with salt and pepper to taste & parsley for garnish.
Instant Pot
1.Place all elements and six cups of water in a 6-8 quart Instant Pot or stress cooker.
2.Cook on guide, high strain for 15 minutes. Let strain launch clearly for at least 15 mins before doing a guide launch, or permit release pressure on its personal absolutely.
3.Remove from the warmth and serve with salt and pepper to flavor & parsley for garnish.


1.Since you are cooking your vegetables for less time within the Instant Pot, it’s going to have barely less flavor on the stovetop if you’re the use of water, so I would advise vegetable broth in place of water for this approach. You can also saute your greens at the Saute placing for 4-6 minutes to soften before including all other substances and cooking together according to the guidelines.
Stores in the refrigerator for as much as per week.

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